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Our address
7, Eleftherias Ave.
GR-17455 Alimos
Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 9855 433
Fax: +30 210 9855 183

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Driven by imagination

As an idea, Trikiklo has been around since 1998 and put into practice in 2002 by its founder Tine Koed Fragkiskatos.
Trikiklo focuses on a single idea – actually not just an idea but more of a passion. A passion which has made Trikiklo a remarkable company in the Greek baby/toddler field offering new inspiration to new parents.

A passion which is really all about you and your child. Instead of looking for the cheapest products to sell we look for what offers meaningful value to you and your child’s everyday life, what makes you and your child happy, what improves your and your baby’s life, creates fun, excitement and surprises.

Reputation has it that the Trikiklo concept is outstanding, special, strange, inspirational, a true pioneer who dares to be different and original. We are proud of this reputation and through our everyday commitment we do our best to live up to it.

Driven by imagination, Trikiklo provides new and different solutions.

Sensing, listening and connecting.

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For our english speaking friends, a few words about the Trikiklo concept, our values and commitment can be found here.

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