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Early October this year, we had the great honor of welcoming Mr. STOKKE®, Mr. Rune Stokke himself and his Norwegian board of direction including all the highly ranged executives from the Norwegian & International business scene, to Trikiklo.

That day will remain in my memory for a long time, as the moment where a crucial cycle for Trikiklo took its fulfillment.

I did not understand the full impact of this extraordinary visit to Trikiklo at the very moment it took place. Also I had no idea what a single moment 12 years earlier could lead to.

A case study

It all took its beginning in one of these typical, multinational mainstream department stores proving baby equipment, could have been anywhere on this planet, but it was in Denmark. The year was 1999 and Vagelis and I simultaneously fall in love… with the STOKKE® newly launched Sleepi Bed® :)

We bought the bed, all included – of course, but not from the department store, as they were not geared to provide the service of, even to listen to shipping outside the country. But so was the local STOKKE® store, then the one and only store of its kind in Aarhus in Denmark. Here we experienced not only top professional and qualified skills in the full STOKKE® product range (also including the Varier by STOKKE® back then), but also a true and motivating passion for the STOKKE® concept.

From there to Trikiklo, year 2002, a small boutique with focus on design, on quality and on safety (the 3 front running wheels of Trikiklo) for small children, supported from a small, but dedicated minority of loyal customers, spread out and shared by persistent and focused marketing. STOKKE® was about to become “a name”, a real trend in the Greek market.

More local retailers wanted to be a part of the upcoming trend and STOKKE® was ready to open the Greek market and to invite the Greek retailers to join. The year was 2007. The process got speeded up thanks to the rapid development and fast popping up of electronic commerce [not at least trikiklo.com :)] and thanks to the huge boost of Greek interactive social media with the parents/the consumers as the “new experts” and strong opinion formers and opinion leaders.

AND finally STOKKE®’s most recent up to date decision [and probably the most accurate reason to Mr. Rune STOKKE®’s visit :)] to expand their existing operation in Greece by including the multi international chains Prenatal and Mothercare.

STOKKE®, today no longer an exclusive brand only minded a small selected minority, but a familiar brand, met with sympathy and recognition from the largest majority of parents and parents-to-be in Greece.

Congratulation STOKKE®, the circle got closed and a vision got fulfilled.

What now, Trikiklo? What now, Greece?

Will the Greek market be overtaken and operated from the multi Internationals?

The multi internationals are here to stay! To me, this fact does not necessary mean that the small and smaller Greek retail stores will have to give up or even die out.

New times mean new challenges and new openings, and it is up to us, small as smaller and even big as bigger Greek retail stores to re-evaluate and re-define our role in the market.

I believe there will always be space for new thinking and new business doing to reveal.

STOKKE®’s vision of a final, Greek STOKKE® operation including also the existing multi international baby store chains has been clear to us from early on. It has been no secret and so no surprise. It takes just a glance at other European markets and at their ongoing development, to realize that this model has already been put into action or is about to be implemented in many other of our neighbour markets.

We welcome STOKKE®’s initiative and we believe that cooperating side by side with multi internationals first of all will increase the quality standards – all around and for all co-players, not at least for the end consumers, our customers! Hopefully this will mean better and higher standardized customer service, better trained staff, higher product presentation in the stores, more focus on after sale service, ONE pricing policy in accordance to European recommended retail prices – counting for EVERYBODY, ONE VOICE according to product/brand information, branding and marketing in accordance with standards and put to action with the goal to lift the brand.


Let’s do it together!

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